Substack's UI and 1Password just cost me $2,023

A quick guide on how to accidentally spend $2k in two clicks live on a client Zoom call.

  • Paginating Blog Posts In Next.js (App Directory)

    Paginating a Next.js app using the app directory has a few caveats, so this post goes through an example to make life easier.

  • Demystifying Digital Ocean's App Platform for Django

    Digital Ocean's App Platform documentation is awful. Here's a primer to help make life easier when deploying apps to their PAAS.

  • Understanding Django's Host Header Error Emails

    One of the most common errors in Django is the annoying host header mismatch error email. While easy to fix, it's also easy to miss the point.

  • Backing Up WhatsApp Media From iCloud

    Every so often I like to copy all of the WhatsApp media from my iPhone/iCloud to my Mac. This is sadly much trickier than it should be.

  • Kiosk Mode on iPads with PWAs and Guided Access Mode

    A great way to get an "almost-native" locked down app experience on iPads, perfect for using at live events where devices need to be unattended.

  • What Saturday on Hacker News Looks Like

    Yesterday, a post I had submitted to Hacker News got pushed up to the front page. Outside of retiring and basking in my new-found internet fame, I wanted to show what a few hours on the front-page looks like.

  • Home Made Standing Desk Raspberry Pi Controller

    One of my lockdown projects was to make my sit/stand controller smart. I used a Raspberry Pi to create a custom controller that could control the motor on my desk and allow me to rise and lower it over the network as well as via a touch-interface.

  • Django Pagedown Image Uploads

    It only took 5 years. After years of dithering you can upload images with Django Pagedown.

  • Django and CircleCI 2.0

    Most of the time, deployment sucks. Using a continuous integration app can help automate your deployments so you can focus on writing code and buildings things. In this post I'll show you how to set up a basic Django project with CircleCI so that publishing your code is as simple as pushing to GitHub.