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Pubs With A Fire

An app I built to find your nearest cosy pub with a fireplace. Mentioned in the Daily Mail πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«.

After living in sunny Spain for a few years, I missed the warm and cosy fireplace that most good Irish pubs have nestled away in the corner.

Screenshot of PWAF logo

To scratch this itch, when I returned back to Ireland I built a simple little web app on a whim called β€œPubs With A Fire’. As the name would suggest, it was a straight-forward map that let you find your nearest pub with a fireplace so you could enjoy a warming wintery pint.

Screenshot of the PWAF interface

Little did I know the app would quickly go viral around Ireland and the rest of world. It ended up on socials, podcasts, newspapers, the lot. With over 1000 pubs added to the site it became an unlikely success, helping lost drinkers find warmth in the most trying times.

It’s no longer online, but might it make a return in the future?

Screenshot of a news article on PWAFOn home turf in The Irish Independent

Screenshot of a news article on PWAFThe only time I've been in the Daily Mail thankfully