Latest Work

JDS Labs

A custom e-commerce platform for one of the best headphone amplifier & DAC companies.

JDS Labs make headphone amplifiers, DACs and other high-end components for a loyal fanbase of audiophiles around the world.

Like proper engineers, they DIY'ed their initial website with a PHP backend that "did the job". After a number of years though it became clear that they needed an upgrade as the codebase had become difficult to maintain.

Screenshot of JDS Labs

I stepped in at Feral to help JDS put together a fully customised e-commerce platform from scratch using Django.

This allowed them to add a number of custom features not possible with existing platforms like Shopify and also made it a breeze to integrate with their custom ERP system running the production lines.

Screenshot of JDS Labs

The site continues to tick along allowing them to grow their product line without needing to integrate a heavy-duty shopping platform like Magento or WooComerce.

Check them out over at