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Founder Roadmap

With Founder Roadmap I help non-technical founders get their ideas organised before a line of code is written.

I’ve been working as an independent software developer for over 10 years. Browsing through this website you’ll see that throughout that period I’ve been responsible for designing and delivering numerous large & challenging software projects. So far it's gone pretty well and I've got a number of career highlights under my belt.

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One thing all successful software devs will tell you is that writing code is the easy bit. It's everything else that's challenging: finding the stakeholders, gathering requirements, modelling features, communicating the plan - the list is endless.

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Untangling complexity and communicating clearly are the superpowers you need for a successful software project so I decided to create Founder Roadmap to tackle these head on. Instead of focusing on building apps I offer workshops and roadmapping engagements to founders and startup business owners to help them avoid €1,000s in misguided development costs.