# Ember

  • Ember Ajax and Ember Simple Auth

    It can be tricky to properly configure ember-ajax to play nicely with ember-simple-auth. You will need to manually configure a service to mimic the authorisation functionality you get for free when using Ember Simple Auth with Ember Data. This post will show you how to get up and running properly.

  • Sending Ember actions down to components

    Data down, actions up is an often repeated mantra of the Ember community, and for good reason. Sometimes though, you need to call actions on components in a 'downward' direction. In this post I'll give you an approach for breaking this DDAU rule."

  • 'Route variable' pattern with Ember

    There are a couple of different libraries for Ember that add the ability to set the page title for each page in your application by simply creating a title property on each route. This is a great general purpose pattern for declarative information that needs to be set across routes. For example you might want to add breadcrumbs, or just a different heading on each page. This post will outline how to go about creating this pattern yourself.

  • A simple pagination component with Ember

    Ember's ethos of 'components everywhere' makes it really quick and easy to make reuseable widgets. This takes the tedium out of implementing some of the more basic features of web sites and applications. An example of this is pagination. This post shows you how to create a very basic pagination component that allows you to page through a list of items.

  • Making a draggable Ember component

    HTML5 makes it really easy to create elements that can be both dragged and dropped. This is a really powerful API to add rich functionality to your application. In this post we'll use this API to make a simple Ember component that can be repositioned on the screen by dragging it with the mouse.

  • Adding labels to Ember Leaflet markers

    This post shows you how to create a custom marker component that integrates the Leaflet.label add-on to get nice pop-up labels on your ember-leaflet maps.