Updating your cert_fingerprint for offlineimap with Fastmail.fm

Fastmail recently updated their SSL certificate, breaking my offlineimap email backups. This post has the updated cert_fingerprint value you need to add to get it back running

Fastmail updated their SSL certificate at the beginning of the month which broke the email backups I have running on my home server via offlineimap

Looking in my logs, I noticed that my backups were failing with the error:

ERROR: Exceptions occurred during the run! ERROR: Server SSL fingerprint 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX...' for hostname 'mail.messagingengine.com' does not match configured fingerprint. Please verify and set 'cert_fingerprint' accordingly if not set yet.

I had to spend a couple of minutes figuring out how to extract the fingerprint from the certificate (using this useful answer on Stackoverflow) so to help anyone who is using Fastmail.fm for email along with offlineimap for backup, you can just add the following to your ~/.offlineimaprc to get back up and running.

cert_fingerprint = 958b1601563aef92607a41eb5bad22e3cace8431