Django Pagedown Image Uploads

Django Pagedown is a tiny library I created in 2012 to make it easy to add a Markdown editor to forms. It's crazy to me that it continues to get new stars on GitHub every week and is testament to Django's longevity that it's still popular.

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One of the features that was request years ago (literally ... I think it was 2015) was to allow for image uploads. Initially I thought that this was something best handled as a add-on. Truth-be-told I wasn't using the library that much myself so I procrastinated on adding it.

Finally this year I was able to add it to version 2.1 meaning you can now easily upload images and have them automatically inserted in your content. It's definitely a good improvement and one I wish I implemented earlier.

Give it a go

If you have a Django project and don't like WYSIWYG editors, try Django Pagedown