I primarily use Python, but picking up a new framework or language isn't a problem. I have extensive programming experience and I'm comfortable developing on the frontend or backend as well as setting up or managing infrastructure.

Backend Development - My bread and butter is Django and its associated stack: Postgres, UWSGI/Gunicorn & Nginx. I am comfortable using Django for all sorts of projects; full CMS websites, database-driven web applications, REST-driven frontend applications powered by Django, simple CRUD applications using Django's admin application and so on.

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Frontend Development - I'm happy writing plain old Javascript or using many of the popular frontend libraries & frameworks out there. I also like putting together compliant, clean, maintainable and responsive HTML5 and CSS3 (+SASS) templates for clients

Design & UX - While I primarily write code, I have a good eye for quality design. I have been responsible for numerous design related aspects of previous projects including identity and logo development, layout, mockups and full site designs.

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Devops & Infrastructure - I manage numerous servers for client projects as well as my own personal sites and apps. I therefore have experience with the setup, deployment, provisioning & day to day maintenance of full server stacks. This includes tools such as vagrant, chef & docker as well as platforms such as AWS, Linode & Digital Ocean.