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A cross platform mobile application to help refugees connect with the resources they need to create new lives in the US.

USAHello is a non-profit organisation that helps refugees arriving to the US find the things they need to set up their new lives.

Screenshot of FindHello

As part of the huge number of resources USAHello provides is "FindHello", a cross platform mobile and web app "FindHello".

This app lets users search for all sorts of nearby online and in-person services that are useful for people finding their feet in a new city and country.

Screenshot of FindHello

It also lets users suggest and update existing resources, keeping data accurate fresh.

Screenshot of FindHello

As a Feral project, I was responsible for the development and delivery of an app that could work both on the web as well as mobile (Android/Apple).

Using Ionic and Django REST API, we were able to deliver a beautifully designed and easy-to-use app across 3 different platforms that really made the most of the budget available to USAHello.