Latest Work

Craft CMS Plugins

x3 plugins for Craft CMS that I sell through their dedicated plugins store.

When building marketing websites, you need to pick a CMS to handle content. Most people like Wordpress, I prefer Craft. It’s a CMS that lets you put up guard rails and ensure a consistent website design while allowing content editors to enjoy a more user-friendly publishing experience.

At Feral, we’ve built many many sites with Craft and during that time I noticed a few gaps in their plugin ecosystem.

Screenshot of the Craft CMS plugin store

I donned my ill-fitting and rarely used PHP hat and went to work creating a number of plugins to help Craft plugin developers like me.

  • Matrix Field Preview: makes the publishing experience better by offering screenshot previews of content blocks.
  • Remote Backup: makes backing up databases and uploads to cloud providers a cinch.
  • Remote Sync: helps developers sync databases and uploads between different environments.

Screenshot of the the matrix field plugin being used

The Craft developer ecosystem is fun to be a part of, with a great community, so these plugins provide much needed beer & pocket money.

Picture of settings page for remote backup plugin