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Coca Cola Creative Collisions

A brand activation allowing festival goers design their own Coca Cola bottle and get on the big screen.

Hot off the press from Backstage this was a very fun brand activation for Verve Live Events and Coca Cola, used at Electric Picnic and Forbidden Fruit this summer (2023).

The idea here was for festival goers to "take over" the giant LED screens beside a music stage with your own custom bottle designs.

Image of activation in use at Customers could use an iPad to create their own designs for the two screens on either side of the DJ booth

The customer would approach an iPad within the Coca Cola Kiosk and accept the T&Cs to allow the display of their designs:

Screenshot of the Coca Cola Collisions interface

They'd then be able to choose one of a number of templates to get started with:

Screenshot of the Coca Cola Collisions interface

They'd then be able to draw their own design using a number of simple tools like paint brush, spray can and fill:

Screenshot of the Coca Cola Collisions interface

When done, their design would be uploaded and they'd be asked if they'd like to get a copy to share with friends:

Screenshot of the Coca Cola Collisions interface

After scanning a QR code they could download the design directly:

Screenshot of the Coca Cola Collisions interface

In the meantime, their design would be immediately sent to a live moderation interface that the event team used to review every submission for any explicit content:

Screenshot of the moderation interface

Once approved, the event team could sent particular designs directly to the LED screens, keeping the content fresh and allowing customers to see their design live within a couple of seconds.

Behind the scenes, my job was to bring to life a software project with many moving parts:

  • A PWA web application running on an iPad in kiosk mode (see my blog post on this for more info) allowing users to create a customised Coca Cola bottle design via a canvas element in the browser.
  • Upload of this image to a REST API for processing.
  • A separate moderation interface via an admin console powered via web sockets.
  • A final interface for the LED screens to display the latest moderated designs, again via web sockets.

This was a great project with lots of potential in other activations so I'm looking forward to getting it up and running again in the future.