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At Backstage we help experiential marketing agencies wow their clients with cutting edge event-tech and digital brand activations.

For a number of years I’ve been working with experiential marketing companies in Dublin helping them put together the “how do we do this?” technology projects that their other vendors can't provide.

Over the years I’ve helped with a plethora of weird and wonderful projects including things like Twitter-Powered Snowblowers, SMS light-up Christmas trees, first-to-buzz gameshow quizzes and other fun brand activations.

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These projects are always enjoyable to work on, so in 2022 I decided to take my experience and turn it into its own standalone business & brand called Backstage where we help experiential marketing agencies deliver more ambitious brand activation and event technology projects so that they attract bigger and better clients.

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On the creative side, we work with clients to brainstorm new activation ideas and deliver knock-out pitches by designing decks and 3D models for our client's brand briefs.

Screenshot of a particular activation idea

On the technical side, we experiment with the latest and greatest technologies to then execute those briefs by building games, apps and experiences for events on tight turnarounds. All of our tech is powered by our own custom backend platform, allowing our agency clients to report on analytics and safe-house their customer data in one place, making the roll-out of brand activations much quicker and affordable.

Screenshot of the Backstage console

If you’re in the events industry or know someone who is, head over to our webpage.