This project has been archived

Waterways was a 6-part documentary series that ran on RTE in 2011. It followed the late Dick Warner as he travelled across the Royal Canal via barge.

In this exciting new series of Waterways, Dick Warner returns to the inland waterways of Ireland, this time to the newly restored Royal Canal. He will be taking ‘Rambler’, an original 70ft Royal Canal Tug Barge, built in 1878, from Dublin to Lough Ree. The last time ‘Rambler’ travelled the Royal Canal was 1923. On this epic journey, Dick meets both experts and ordinary people who live along the banks, learning from them about its heritage, history and wildlife.

The production also featured a brochure website on RTE that followed the progress of the series, giving viewers some extra information on the various points of interest throughout the journey.

This was one of the first projects I worked on when I started out as a web developer, so it was exciting to create something that was being hosted on the national broadcaster’s website. As a result of this site being on RTEs backend, the website had strict design constraints and needed to be IE6-friendly, which was no small feat even back in 2011, particularly given the grid layout.

Unfortunately the site is no longer available on RTE, but you can see what it looked like below.

— The website featured a map following the exact journey

— It also featured teaser trailers from each episode as they were released

— Each episode had more information as well as gallery images

— The site had a fully functioning flexible grid system that worked on IE6