Vernon Mews 360 CGI Tour

An online vir­tu­al 360 tour

Real estate is a competitive market so to stay ahead of the curve Savills real estate agents and Greanleaf Homes wanted to try something new for the launch of their new development, Vernon Mews.

I worked with OMP Architects to put together a custom, 360 panorama tour of the development, using some stunning state of the art CGIs from their visualisation department.

I put together a custom web application that allows the potential buyer to take a tour around the development - room to room - to get an idea of their future home.

Making a CGI tour in this format allows potential customers to share the tour with friends as well as check out what their ideal home might look like months before completion.

I’m sure that we’re going to be seeing more of these interactive property tours in the future.

Vernon mews header
Screen shot 2018 09 22 at 232710
Screen shot 2018 09 22 at 232619
Screen shot 2018 09 22 at 232553
Screen shot 2018 09 22 at 231847

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