Verve Live Agency created a summer campaign for Sprite that involved a mobile in-store Sprite quiz game. This quiz game gave customers a chance to win a prize if they could answer a number of general knowledge questions correctly. This interactive quiz game was toured around a number of Tesco stores in Leinster with great success and customer interaction.

I supplied Verve with the technology to realise this installation by creating a stand-alone, offline and automatically bootable Raspberry Pi that automatically set up the quiz game and output it over HDMI to a display. We also supplied two large, arcade-style true/false buttons for the customer to interact with. These were hardwired directly to the Raspberry Pi via its GPIO pins making for a reliable and sturdy experience.

If you’re interested in using physical push buttons for a project, check out my blog post that goes through how it’s done.

— The customer could interact with the application via the two hardware arcade-style buttons

— Three questions correct and you win a prize