This project has been archived

In 2011, web texting was a service offered by most mobile providers that allowed you so send SMSs for free via the web, without having to eat in to any allowances of your plan.

The problem was that each provider had a different system, and there was no unified app that allowed all Irish customers to reliably send webtexts from a familiar interface.

As part of a weekend hackathon, I helped to develop CherryText, which was a Facebook application that unified the experience of sending webtexts via an easy to use interface embedded directly in your feed.

Although a quaint idea nowadays, this project gained popularity at the time as a way to send webtexts directly from your Facebook feed. Facebook apps were far more popular than today, so this was a great way to provide the service in a convenient and accessible way.

This project led to the development of Parsnip, an open-source webtexting library that mimicked the functionality of another popular PHP library called “Cabbage”.

— Precious little else remains of CherryText bar these small screenshots :(

— Marvel at the low resolutions of times gone past