Over Christmas 2015, Verve Live Agency ran a fantastic interactive installation for Carlsberg that involved a huge Xmas tree above Cassidy’s bar on Camden Street, Dublin. A large, themed display in the window of the pub instructed passers-by to Tweet the hashtag #carlsbergchristmastree to be in with a chance of winning a free pint immediately inside. As well as the chance at a free beer, every entry also lit up the 30ft Christmas tree above the bar for 10 seconds.

I helped Verve create this promotional installation by providing the technology for both the remotely-lit Xmas tree as well as the competition system. The tree was lit using a Raspberry Pi and a remote power switch while the competition was handled via a custom Django web application that listened to the Twitter stream API for entries, sending information to the window-display using real-time technologies.

— The screen communicated to the tree via Raspberry Pi

— A database tracked the entries and awarded free pints