The Code Institute is a coding bootcamp that offers an online and offline diploma course in full-stack web development. This covers everything you need to know to become a junior developer ready for employment: Javascript, Django, HTML, CSS and everything in between.

I’ve been working with The Code Institute as a mentor for over a year, offering guidance and support to students taking the online course.

With an intimate understanding of their syllabus and my background in full-stack development, they asked me to help with their new video-based course.

Although I had absolutely no experience in creating video content, I jumped right in. Once I was over the embarrassment of listening to myself, I researched, scripted and recorded a 12-part video course on Twitter Bootstrap. This included a run-through in the usage, background and advantages of Bootstrap as well as practical challenges & projects for the students to complete.

Don’t let anyone tell you content creation is easy! This was a big challenge and it took a lot of effort and learning to get right, but thankfully the results were worth it and I’m looking forward to making more video-based content in the future.