Looking for a developer?

Are you looking for a professional, communicative & punctual software engineer with extensive full-stack web development skills for your next project?

If you have an application you are interested in developing with web technology, I’d love to work with you on it. I’m a full-stack developer which means I can bring your project from concept to completion. I work primarily with Django and Node.js on the back-end and Ember.js on the front-end but picking up new languages or frameworks isn’t a problem.

I’m available for hire on a freelance or contract basis. Why not send me an email to hey@timmyomahony.com to discuss it further?

Recent Projects

Most of my client work can be seen over at my company website Creative Collective Ltd. and Bespoke Digital but here’s a sample of some of the most recent projects I’ve worked on:

My personal projects & apps can be seen here on my projects page:


Working as a freelance developer, it’s not just about the code. I understand the challenges of working remotely on client projects. Here’s a couple of things I think I’m good at:

  • Communication — I realize the importance of good communication. I use tools like Slack to make sure we’re always on the same page.
  • Organisation — I believe it’s important to stay organised while working remotely. I use the likes of Trello, Asana & Basecamp to help keep projects on-track and under control.
  • Timekeeping — I value my clients’ time and always aim to work efficiently. I account-for and track everything I do using services such as Toggl.
  • Management — I think it’s important to identify the discrete stages of a project and work to a schedule around those.
  • Collaboration — I play well with others. I’m happy to integrate into your existing team to help get your project implemented.
  • Development — On a technical level, I have a degree in computer science and therefore recognize the importance of applying proper software development techniques to the web.
  • Design — While I’m not a graphic designer, I have an appreciation and eye for good design. I’m comfortable using Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch and can take designs from mock-up to implementation.
  • Documentation — Often overlooked, I think it’s incredibly important to leave clients with a clear picture of what’s been done for the next round of development.