Long Live the Blog

Over the last few years my site has been sitting idle. I haven't been updating the blog much - if at all - and I haven't been putting a lot of effort into maintaining my portfolio either. This is primarily because most of my time over the last year or two has been spent helping to get our web development agency Feral up on its feet.

Speaking of which .... 👀

If you've got a web project you need help with, you should check us out over at Feral.

Having a website that acts as both a portfolio and a blog can be tricky. You want to appear professional and knowledgable. That means you need to write relevent blog posts that are useful to people who might want to hire you or work with you. This is primarily because you want to eat food and pay rent at the end of the month.

Screenshot 2020 08 06 at 13 03 58
My previous landing page

At least for me, this has made it difficult to commit to writing new content. I'm constantly wondering is this post complete enough, is it relevent? I've a litany of half-written drafts that I never finish, thinking "I'll come back to these and tidy them up". This never happens.

There's no spontaneous writing - everything is considered, calculated and edited. While this is a necessary approach for publishing articles, it's not really a personal blog.

Screenshot 2020 08 06 Timmy O Mahony Software Developer Dublin Ireland1
An older version of my homepage - the blunder years

I'd like to write more and worry less. For this reason, I've updated my site with a completely new design, shifting away from a portfolio, to an actual personal website.

If you're interested in how this site is put together (spoiler: Craft 3 CMS), have a look at my "about this site" page.